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Why Is Lysper Different

At LYSPER, we pride ourselves on bringing many functions together, creating a simple, ALL-IN-ONE enviorment geared toward simplifying your life. We have integrated search, reservations, online ordering, directions, pre-pay parking, menus, follow, experience sharing, photo sharing and much more.

One area differentiation for LYSPER is how we capture and share one another's experiences. Our goal was to create a community of people working together to share REAL-TIME, honest feedback in the places they visit. Today's problem is that current review sites let anyone with a username and id to leave a review which allow for competitors or reputation builders to leave false reviews so what you may read online may not be a true depiction of what is actually happening in the business. Some online review sites have even been found to display positive reviews based on those willing to advertise with them and remove feedback from those that are not; once again distorting the actual representation of the business.

So what's the solution? LYSPER! Powered by iTrueReview, a technology company that captures and posts REAL-TIME reviews that have been email verified and generated from within the actual business. No outside review are allowed and no review can be removed by a business. iTrueReview enables LYSPER to represent an accurate, fair and unbiased assessment of the business being reviewed. It's time you knew the truth!